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The Constant State of Being Consistent

Consistency: steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, ect.

How is consistency formed? What does it even look like? A lot of times, I think we look at our human nature to try and find consistency, and are shocked when we don’t find it. More and more there are people being hurt, lied to, mistreated, and abused. Some people don’t keep their promises, talk behind each other’s backs, and say one thing yet do another. Our world is not a place of the constant. I wish we could say that even our best friends or spouses are constant in the way they treat us and others, but often times it’s not that way. So, after thinking over all of this, and understanding that there isn’t always consistency in this life, where can we look?

We are searching for someone to always be loving, caring, and forgiving, but in order to find someone like this we must look elsewhere. We have to look beyond this natural life, and look to our Creator. The God of the universe is the only thing that will ever be perfectly constant. He is the only thing that is always loving, caring, and forgiving. In this world, all we as humans can do is forgive, but we won’t ever really be able to forget. However, it says in His word that He actually has to forget and never remember our sins. This is overwhelming joyful news—that God has actually forgiven us even before we committed a mistake! If God really is who He says He is, and this is absolutely true, then He is someone I know without a doubt that I can turn to for consistency.

"In this darkness which we find, all these demons that we fight, who can we run to? What can we cling to?" -Feel It In Our Hearts (a song on our upcoming EP)

Mikey Moore
The Exchange