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Christmas is the worst! Well at least 2 days after is……..

My dad used to joke that “The day after Christmas is better than Christmas day.” As a kid, this rang true to me! The day after Christmas was THE BEST because I got to enjoy the presents which I had waited for all year long. But if the day after Christmas was “the best”, then the second day after Christmas was probably the worst. By then, I had played through all of my toys, explored everything about them, and lost excitement. Thus began the next year of waiting for Christmas Day.

This concept of waiting, arrival and disappointment still rings true in our lives today. As a national touring band, we have been privileged to see many of our dreams come true! Often times I find myself pushing, fighting, and enduring towards a dream, only to arrive and find that it won’t last. We can only play in front of a big crowd for 30 minutes, hear our song on the radio for 5 minutes, or shake the hand of a lifelong inspiration for a brief moment. Sometimes, we are left wondering “what is next?”

As Christians in the music industry, we want our purpose, goals, and next steps to center on Jesus Christ. Without Him, we would be chasing the next big dream only to find it leaving us empty and disappointed. I encourage you to know Jesus! As a band, we have found that knowing Him brings purpose, meaning and lasting joy to life instead of the temporary happiness that is so easy to pursue.

Britt Espinosa
The Exchange