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Stop Thinking!

Let’s take a moment to not think. Wherever you are right now, reading this post, just take a moment to close your eyes and not think. Go ahead, it’s ok, this post will be here when you open your eyes again. But really, take about 20 seconds to clear your mind of all of your worries and stresses. You might think that what you just did is odd, but in fact it is very important. Sometimes we all get so caught up in life that we forget to slow down. This can be especially evident in our walks with Christ—we have bills to pay, papers to write, and people to see. We have all these things that pile up in our lives, and sometimes the time left for God is just the scraps we have at the end of our day. Hopefully we wouldn’t do that with our friends orĀ our spouses, so why should we do that with God, the one who desires our time and loves us more then anyone else can?

Instead, what if we did the opposite? What if we started our day spending time with God? What if we could use that first part of our day, right when we get up, to forget what we are going to do that day, tomorrow, or next week? The key is to just sit, ask for God to speak, and then listen. Pray for your friends, school, spouse, or other countries. Pray that God would strengthen you today, and help you to draw near to Him. When I do this, I often find that my day and my countenance is different. How I treat others is more Christlike, and I tend to see people through God’s eyes and not my own. Things in my life that were stressful before don’t seem as big. It’s when we intentionally spend time with God that He becomes greater, and everything else becomes smaller. So, take some time today to be with God—allow Him to help you stop thinking so much about life, and more about Him.

Mikey Moore

The Exchange