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I just woke up thinking today about grace. How we don’t deserve it, and can do nothing to earn it from God. We can’t make God love us any more or any less. Isn’t that crazy!? All we can do is trust in God that what his word says is true, “For you are saved by grace through faith, and this is not from yourselves; it is God’s gift— not from works, so that no one can boast.”- EPH 2:8-9. You can do all the right things yet still not earn grace, and you can do all the wrong things and not lose God’s grace! All you need to do is simply say “God, I give all of my life to you. I die to myself and allow You to live through me. I want You to be Lord of my life”. Then His grace that you can’t earn takes action and God says, “It is I who sweep away your transgressions for My own sake and remember your sins no more,” Isaiah 43:25. Isn’t that amazing! This is a love that me and you can’t even fathom which makes this even more incredible. When someone wrongs us or hurts us, we still can remember what they did if if we forgive them, but God promises us that he can’t remember. Today let that be the hope that carries you.

Mikey Moore

The Exchange